In what order should I apply IB products?

    Daily Infinite Beauty Skincare steps

    After applying your favorite toner.

    • Step 1: One full pump on the serum dispenser is a sufficient amount for a normal cleansing routine. Gently massage into the skin. For best results, use twice a day ,morning and night after washing your face.
    • Step 2: Apply Enriched Placenta Creme and gently massage into the skin in a small upward circular motion.
    • Once or twice a week, use an Infinite Beauty face mask to help the penetration and enrichment of placenta into the skin.


    What are the expiry dates for Infinite Beauty products?

    Expiry dates are printed on all packaging and bottles.

    There is also an international "open jar" icon, which indicates the shelf life once opened. This may vary from product to product.