A selection of premium ingredients

Alpha-arbutin is effective in controlling tyrosinase and can act as an aid to inhibit the generation of pigmentation after UV exposure. It can promote an even and lighter skin tone.

Kiwifruit Seed Oil is a rich source of Vitamin C & E and essential fatty acid that may help aid in the prevention of the aging of skin.



Bee hive


Royal Jelly contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients that are used in both the regeneration of skin and the creation of collagen. It's moisturising properties can help aid in the protection of the skin from dehydration and inflammation.

 deer velvet

Deer Velvet is a rich source of trance elements, minerals, selenium, amino acids and collagen. It can help to benefit restoring and treating damaged skin.


 Rosehip Oil has many anti-oxidant properties. These fatty acids are ideal for moisturising the skin and help to carry nutrients deep into the layers of the dermis.


Manuka Honey is known for its  natural antibacterial properties. It  soothes inflamed skin while helping heal blemished skin. It also helps balancing the skins pH, promoting the structural growth of collagen in skin cells